Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boondi Ladoo


Happy Diwali....... This is the second recipe I have tried for the first time for this diwali.

For boondi :
besan powder - 2 cups
water - 2 cups

To fry:

For sugar syrup:
Sugar - 2 cups
water - 2 cups
pacha karpooram - 2 pinches

cashews, kismis - 2 tbsp each, fried in ghee

- add the besan powder and water and mix well
- ensure that there are no lumps ad they are free to flow like dosa batter.
- heat oil in a pan
- start making boondis by pouring on the boondi spoon.
- just fry for 2 mins and remove from the oil and keep it seperately. 
- it should not fry till crisp, it should be soft when pressed between fingers,.
- finish the entire batter by making soft boondi's this way
- to this add the fried nuts
- make a sugar syrup to one string consistancy.
- add the pachakatpuram
- mix well
- now add the sugar syrup, to the boondi and make balls
- ensure that you try to make the boondi's into ladoos while they are hot.
- also ensure that you were some gloves while you make the ladoos as its going to be really hot.
- if the boondis, become dry and if you are unable to do the ladoo's you can add a tsp or two of hot water and then try making the boondi' ladoos again.

Tis recipe  gave 25 ladoos.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mysore Pak



I have tried preparing mysore pak the first time in my life and that came out really  tasty and soft......... Wish you all to have a wonderful and colourful festival with exciting sweets and savouries.

Besan powder - 1 cup
sugar - 1 cup
ghee - 1 cup
water - 1/2 cup

- add 2 - 3 tbsp of ghee and fry the besan till the raw smell goes off
- allow that to cool and seive it to remove the lumps
- then make sugar syrup to 1 string consistancy by adding water 
- now while the sugar boils add the ghee and make it to heat up. Allow that to stay in slow fire.
- meanwhile when the sugar syrup reaches one string constistancy add the fried besan little by little slowly and mix well without any lumps
- in between add a spoon ful of ghee and fry till both the besan and ghee are fully used
- when the mysore pak leaves the sides of the pan and forms a ball pour that on a greased plate
- allow that to cool for 3 - 4 mins
- now cut them into pieces and serve.

- The main thing to note here is the sugar syrup consistancy and the mysore pak consistancy
- the ghee should be piping hot while its being poured in the besan mixture
- This was my first trial and it came out too well. So have a close watch on the consistancy..