Friday, February 8, 2013

Tomato Pickle


tomato - 1 kg (ripe, washed, wiped, cubed)
red chilli powder - 200 gms
tamarind - 200 gms
mustard - 75 gms
methi seeds - 50gms
gingelly oil - 1/2 lt
garlic - 1 cup (peeled)
curry leaves - 1/4 cup

- add the tomatoes in a dry pan and allow that to cook until they are well cooked and smashed
- do not add water or any other ingredient, just allow only the  tomatoes to cook
- mean while dry roast methi and grind to a fine powder
- set aside 2 tsp of mustard seperately and add dry roast the red of the mustard and grind to a fine powder
- add salt and tamrind to the tomatoes and fry
- meanwhile grind the garlic for one whisk in a mixie jar
- do  not make it to a paste
- boil oil in a seperate pan
- add mustard seeds, curry leaves
- when mustard splutter add the ground garlic and fry 
- meanwhile add the red chili powder, ground methi and mustard powder to the tomato mixture and mix well
- to it add the tempered oil
- mix well
allow that to cook in slow flame for 10 mins
- in between just keep mixing well
- when the oil settles on the oil remove from fire.
- allow that to cool overnight and bottle them

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ginger Pickle


This is also known as puli inji. Its the most famous pickle in Chettiyaar functions. And there is no functions without this pickle in their meal.

ginger - 1/4 kg (cleaned, peeled and cubed finely)
red chillies - 15
gingelly oil - 200 ml
salt to taste ( i added 5 tsp)
tamarind - a lemon size
jaggery - 4 tsp
methi seeds - 1 tsp

curry leaves - a handful
mustard seeds - 1tsp

- add 5 tsp in a pan
- fry the chopped ginger for 5 mins. Drain oil and leave them aside
- dry roast methi seeds and red chillies
- grind ginger, fried red chillies , methi seeds, tamarind, salt, jaggery to a coarse paste
- add the remaining oil in a pan 
- add curry leaves and mustard seeds
- when they splutter, add the ground paste and start frying
- allow the stove to be in sim and cook for 10 mins
- by this time the oil would come on the top and it would look cooked 
- remove and leave it in room temperature for 3-4 hours 
- then bottle them in a clean dry glass jars.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dhal Base for Multiple Recipes


This recipe is important for many working women who are almost in a hurry to cook and also look for some easy recipes to prepare in the morning. I prepare this recipe once in a week and store it in the fridge.

This dhal can be used for any dhal / rasam varities.

thuvar dhal - 2 cups
tomato - 4 (cut into cubes)
turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
water to boil dhal 

- wash and add thuvar dhal, tomatoes, water and turmeric. Add them to a pressure pan and cook for 5 whistles. ( I used a 3lt pressure pan).
- remove and smash them well and store it in an airtight container and leave them in the fridge.

I will soon post recipes using this dal. I have not added any salt as they can be added according to the taste later when the main dish is prepared.