Friday, February 8, 2013

Tomato Pickle


tomato - 1 kg (ripe, washed, wiped, cubed)
red chilli powder - 200 gms
tamarind - 200 gms
mustard - 75 gms
methi seeds - 50gms
gingelly oil - 1/2 lt
garlic - 1 cup (peeled)
curry leaves - 1/4 cup

- add the tomatoes in a dry pan and allow that to cook until they are well cooked and smashed
- do not add water or any other ingredient, just allow only the  tomatoes to cook
- mean while dry roast methi and grind to a fine powder
- set aside 2 tsp of mustard seperately and add dry roast the red of the mustard and grind to a fine powder
- add salt and tamrind to the tomatoes and fry
- meanwhile grind the garlic for one whisk in a mixie jar
- do  not make it to a paste
- boil oil in a seperate pan
- add mustard seeds, curry leaves
- when mustard splutter add the ground garlic and fry 
- meanwhile add the red chili powder, ground methi and mustard powder to the tomato mixture and mix well
- to it add the tempered oil
- mix well
allow that to cook in slow flame for 10 mins
- in between just keep mixing well
- when the oil settles on the oil remove from fire.
- allow that to cool overnight and bottle them

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Srikitchen said...

looks yummy!