Monday, November 8, 2010

Shahi Tukra

This was one of the main dessert for my b'day along with chocolate cheese cake. I have used my own version to prepare this.

bread - 12 slice (sides removed and cut into triangles)
ghee - to deep fry the bread
milk - 1/2 a lt
sweet less khova - 100 gms
badam - 15 (soaked overnight, peeled and chopped)
cashews - 15 (soaked overnight, chopped)
sugar - 5 tbsp
condensed milk - 1 tin (400g)
custard powder (vanilla flavour) - 2 tsp


- boil milk until it reduces to half
- add condensed milk, sugar, badam, cashews
- mix well
- add khova and mix
- now mix custard powder to some milk and add them to the boiling mixture
- allow that to boil for a min
- cool and leave it inside a fridge
- deep fry the bread in ghee and arrange them on a plate
- 10 mins before serving pour the cooled mixture on top
- serve immediately.


Sheeba Asariah said...

yummmm looks sooo gud:)

Pavithra said...

Yumm that is my fav one...

Hari Chandana said...

Looks really good and delicious.. thanks for the recipe dear !!

Sharmilee! :) said...

My fav yummy dessert