Monday, March 18, 2013

Gone Mad Choco Stick - TRIALS



I happened to receive a mail to review this product some time in Jan 2013. I got a box of Gone Mad choco sticks as a sample. 

 Its a slim packed chocolate. It has the chocolate wrapped wafer. Chocolate is melted and added inside the hollow wafer. 

The box had around 50 piecs.Each piece costs about just Rs.5/-. But its really worth it the product, packing and taste.

The chocolate tastes so heavenly. Its smooth and well blended. It had a mild flavour and was well packed for a gooey - gooey consistency.

I remember opening the packet, but, in a few seconds I saw the chocolates disappear and everything was gone. 

A real worth of 5 rupees, a tiny chocolate which can give you a break!!

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