Saturday, March 23, 2013



maida flour - 2 cups
salt to taste
water - to make a dough
refined oil to fry
some flour for dusting

- knead maida, salt and water to  dough
- add around 5 -10 tsp of oil
- mix well and knead for 5 mins
- cover with a wet cloth and leave it to rest for 1 hr
- make a ball of the dough
- roll it to very thin layer
- dont worry about the shape
- add a tsp of oil now and spread it well 
- then add few pinches of flour and dust it 
- lift the parotta and fold it in pleats
- roll to a ball again
- roll it to a round 1/2" thick parotta
- now heat a tava
- add the parotta and cook til crisp
- cook in slow fire
- add oil to make it cook to soft porotta
- serve

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