Monday, January 11, 2010

Grape Squash

cleaned seedless black grapes - 1 kg
sugar - 1 .2 kg
water - 1 lt
sodium benzoate - 1.5 tsp
citric acid - 4 tsp

- add the grapes in a juicer and grind it to a thick juice, do not add water.
- strain it and leave it aside
- add sugar in a pan and add water
- bring them to a boil
- add the citri acid and the sodium benzoate and mix well
- allow it to come to a boil for another 2 mins
- now add the grape juice and mix well
- allow it to cook under medium fire, while stirring in regular intervals and cook for 30 mins
- remove the scum / faom which forms on the top
- allow it to cool
- strain and pour them into plastic bottles.

Shelf time - 4 months

To serve:
- add one quarter of this syrup to 3/4 of water- add sugar if necessary, serve chilled.

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