Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to use an electric Roti Maker?


Hello ppl,

I am sure that many of them will not be aware of how to use a roti maker. I was one ampong them until a few days. I got it and I learnt how  to use it with great difficulty.

The key points for this work are:
- the dough. It should be prepared 1 -2 hrs before making so that the roti would be soft and fluffy.

- there should not be any oil added in the roti maker or on the roti while making it

- Roll the roti balls and place it exactly where I have placed it. The key idea is when you close the lid and press it, the roti will be exactly in the middle.

- Close the lid and press  the dough for one second and open.
- thats how it looks. Allow  that to cook for 20 seconds and turn it the other side.

- its the other side. do you notice the bubbles?

- this is exactly how that cooks..

- now close the roti with the lid for 20 seconds and reopen it, and you would see the roti just getting fluffy and rise...

- now serve them.

- Oil less roti's ready to eat!!!!!!


Priti said...

This is very helpful post ...roti looks just so soft n perfect ....u r making me consider it :)

Nithya said...

Perfect :) I used this machine years back too. But they are good when the rotis are eaten when it is hot otherwise they get too rubbery :( dint they become that way for you?

Sapthanaa Balachander (Alias) Abilashini said...

yes.. rubbery. But.. We have microwave at home and office so that works out well.

So I manage them some how. Good to use when you want to make many roti's quickly.

Supriya said...

Thanks for instructions! Can you give measurements for preparing the dough? I dont seem to be getting that right which makes my rotis thick.


sunethra said...

Hi thank you for this post. I am finding it difficult to use my roti maker. When I press, the dough is not getting rolled into big disc and is getting torn also. What could be the reason for the roti getting torn? Plz tell the consistency of the dough too. Appreciate your help. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

thnk u !! got it cuz m new too!1

pragya said...

Cn anyone tell dat dougg have to put after making roti maker on becoz ma dough startd heating without spreading