Friday, March 6, 2009

Award - Microwave Event - EFM

Hey All.............
This is to tell you all that I won the first prize in the EFM event Microwave series which was hosted by Srilekha. I had sent 31 entries and I won the first prize trophy in the event.

There are no boundries for the happiness that I have got here to share with you all. This is the first event I have ever taken part in all my life. And the first event has fetched me the first prize that I could ever imagine.

There were lots of good and bad during the event. And becoz of that I could say that I was not able to contribute a few more recipes from my end as per my plan.

Let me start with all the good ones.
First: I wanted to go to a good cake baking class for which my hubby was always dead against. He wanted me to try out recipes on my own and didnot ever want me to waste the time in the classes. But this event made him realize the real passion I had on cooking and finally ended up in allow me to attend the class and I had learnt 5 cakes and all are presented in the event.

Second: For baking pastries, hand beater is hard. So we had to purchase an electric blender and beater which I immediately purchased as soon I completed my cooking class.

Third: the man (my hubby) who was not all interested in the kitchen activities was always there by my side in helping me to cope up with this event and gave me new ideas. Thanks Bala.

Fourth: I learnt to prepare new recipes becoz of this event.

Bad ones:
First: My aunt (periyamma) had expired. So that had stopped me from my regular work for a weeks time.

Second: I lost my floxy ( a 3 months old female Lhasapso pup). I dont want to mention what happened to her, but having a pup who is some one dear in your family and being without her is just hell. Even today my home has lost all its happiness and liveliness. We are still not out of it.

Third: the event time was too less for me. I wanted to prepare a few more recipes which I had planned and the time was too less for me to execute them. But still managed with 31 recipes from my end
With all these good and bads I am happy Iam here as a trophy winner. It wouldnt have had happened without you all(blog visitors, the event host (Srilekha), my hubby and of course my friends)

A speacial Thanks to my hubby's office collegues (HSBC) who helped me to finish all the recipes I had prepared at home and still they did appreciate the good work.
I started getting new orders for baking cakes, Becoz of this event.
Thanks a ton all. Thanks Srilekha for inspiring me and motiving me.Thanks to Bala (my hubby) for being on my side to see what was my interst and never did try saying a NO for anything and everything I did throught my married life. Thanks to all the people (many of them, hard to mention) for making me learn the recipes and today Iam in a ocean (much much more than that too) of happiness.

Sapthanaa Balachander (Abilashini)
Thanks to: Srileka.


SriLekha said...

congrats on ur award sapthana!
do enjoy it!

SelvaSamuel said...

Hi Sapthana.... Hearty Congratulations!!!! Keep it up....

Anonymous said...

Hai Sapthana,

My hearty congratulations!!! Hats off to you and keep up the good work!!!!

Shanthi Attai

Ashwini said...

Hi Sapthana..Congratulations!!..Thank You for visiting my blog and trying out the dish..Hope you liked it..Good to know you are from Bangalore..