Friday, December 4, 2009

Aatukaal Soup


This is a soup. Tastes too good. This is very good when consumed for those who have cold and this is healthy too.

aatu kal - (front leg) - 6
cumin seeds - 1 tsp
black pepper - 1 tsp
garlic (crushed) - 10 - 12
corriander leaves - 5 - 6 tsp (finely chopped)
turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
water - 8 - 10 glasses

- wash and clean the aatu kal
- in a pressure cooker add water, aatu kal, chopped corriander leaves, salt, turmeric, crushed garlic, crushed black pepper
- leave that to cook for 6 whistles
- cook this in the night
- now leave that untouched till the next morning
- now again cook the same in the pressure cooker for another 6 whistles
- now all the juices will be strained and the soup will be tasty to drin.

- Granny. She is a wonderful cook. She makes this every time I have severe cold and fever.


Akal's Saappadu said...

wooooow, you've revived my golden memories about my grandma too with this delicious soup; she used to make aattu kaal soup each sunday (whether I was sick or not:):) )because sunday meals were always enriched with mutton varieties usually and so, she used to buy the leg pieces seperately to make this soup!!!

lovely post!!!

drkarna said...

i have tried soup few times, but i was miserably failed in soup making. accidently i hav seen ur AATUKAL SOUP from abikitchen blogspot.i hav taken print out of ur soup making procedure and kept aside of my stove.

i carefully prepared according to ur formula,this time i have completed my mission with out fail and with delicious taste and aroma.really i enjoyed the gud taste and typical aroma of aatukal soap. your blog spot very much useful to all bachelors. just i wanna say u thanks and expecting more non veg recipes.........