Monday, December 21, 2009

Bharwan Bhindi

This recipe was taken my from favourite chef's site Though he had added lots of ingredients I just took the idea and made this recipe with the simplest ingredients and which came out too well. Thanks chef. MY hubby hates this veggie and this dish has become his favourite now.. Hats off to you!!!!

The original recipe comes from here:

ladies finger - around 1/4 kg, washed and dried in a kitchen towel
salt to taste
sambar powder - 2 tbsp
amchoor powder (dry mango powder) - 1/4 tsp
or lime juice - 1/2 lime
oil - 4 tsp
- cut the ends of the ladies finger and cut them into two slices
- slit open halfway through ladies finger. make sure that they dont get fully or else you cannot stuff into them.
- apply the paste inside the ladies finger
- in a tava or a 1" pan, add oil
- arrange the ladies finger slices and put the fire to simmer
- close the pan with a lid
- leave it to get cooked for 3 - 4 mins in low fire
- now remove the lid and turn over the ladies finger on the other side and fry the same way again.
- when done.. when they change the colour to golden colour... remove and serve as a side dish!!

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shanthi said...

Lovely favourite of mine and it has come out too crispy