Friday, December 18, 2009

Mango Pickle (Avakkai)

The Source is from ME AND MY KITCHEN. This is the first pickle I prepared in my entire cooing life. And this came to be really awesome. My mom picked up a box of this pickle and she too it to Chennai. In her next visit after a few months she still searched for this pickle and again took some of them. And she had come last week and the rest and the remaining was again paced to be sent to chennai.. O i didnt want to lose this oppertunity to take a picture of my first experience. .. SO I did this now... But I prepared this pickle in the month of April 2009, but during the time I shifted my home in Aug, 2009.. I completely forgot about this pickle and it was inside the shelf until mom came and discovered the place where the pickle was.. BUt the worst part is my hubby never got an oppertunity to taste this even once..!!

Raw Mangoes – 2 ½ kg

Red Chilli Powder – 150 gms or increase as per your taste
Fenugreek Seeds – 25 gms
Mustard Seeds – 200 gms
Gingelly Oil – 500 ml
Salt (measurement given for powder salt and not for rock / sea salt) – 150 gms

- First wash the mangoes well and pat it dry with a cloth.

- Remove the seed alone from the mango and do not remove the thick shell behind the seed of the mango Now cut all the mangoes into 1 inch pieces and spread it in a cloth so that all the moisture content will be absorbed by the cloth.
- Dry roast the fenugrreek slightly till it smells well and let it cool well.
- Grind the mustard seeds to a fine powder and let it cool well in a plate.
- Grind the fenugreek seeds to a fine powder and let it cool well in a plate.
- Now mix mustard powder, fenugreek powder, red chilli powder and salt well and thoroughly with the help of a ladle.
- Do not use your hands while preparing pickle.
- Use a clean and dry ladle for the whole process so that pickle will last for a long time.- Now take a clean air tight container.
- Fill the base of the container with a little of oil.
- Put a little of powder mixture on the top of oil.
- Now addd few mangoes on the top of it.
Now again pour some oil on the top of the mango and powder mixture on the top of it and few mangoes on the top of it.
- Repeat the process until all the mangoes are done.
- While u finish the process add oil on the top of the container.
- Close the container now. Do not disturb this container for 3 or 4 days.
- After a period of 3 days, open the container and you can see the mangoes have absorbed the spice mixture and oil.
- you can find the oil will be floating on the top of the pickle.
- Now mix the pickle with a clean and dry ladle and repaet this process for every 3 days.
- Though we can start using this pickle after a period of 10 days, its good if we leave it for a period of 1 month and you will surely find the difference in taste at this time.
This mango avakkai will really be spicy and yummy!

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