Monday, May 31, 2010

Coconut Powder


Hi all,

I had around 4 coconuts at home after the pooja. I didnt know what to do. SO came up with this new idea of making the coconut powder which could be used in various sweet dishes and even in regular cooking.

I used microwave to make this recipe. This was very simple. My microwave's max high volts is 800 Watts. So timing would differ accordingly to every microwave

coconut - 4 (grated)

- place the coconut in a microwave safe bowl
- keep it in high and cook for 4 mins
- do stir in between every 1 min
- allow that to cool
- and then grind that in a mixer grinder (Dry) until its a fine powder.


PranisKitchen said...

i never tired this in microwave .i do it by oven..anyway very easy and best tip..thanks for sharing yarr

Priti said...

ahh u got it so perfect