Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gobi Parata (Cauliflower Parata)

(Cauliflower Parata)

HI all,

This is the first time Iam making this parata. I was little worried will I be able to make the parata well.. O gods grace, I was indeed able to.

I seriously wonder how people make round chappathi's and parata? Iam not able to. How ever I try.!!!!! Thats the saddest part. Yet.. The parata in the pic is kindda round and ppl as I have already mentioned, now you all know that Iam weak in making the parata's or chappathis round.. so please dont mind.

Easy recipe.. And first time ever I could get the paratas too well without the stuffing coming out. Thank god.

Another confusion is how ppl grate cauliflower? I did try but all in vain. So I used a different method:
Here is the recipe:

(this is the gobi parata stuffing... was able to make 10 paratas)

Chappathi dough - for 10 paratas
oil - to drizzle

To make the stuffing:
gobi - washed, cleaned and cut into florets - 1 cup
corriander leaves - 1/4 cup - finely chopped
salt to taste
jeera - 1/2 tsp
ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
green chillies - 2 (finely chopped)

- put the cauliflower florets in a dry mixer grinder and whisk for 2 - 3 times. Iam sure by now it looks and gives a grated consistancy
- add the salt to the gobi and mix well
- allow that to sit for 10 mins
- now squeeze out the water as more the moisture the parata's are not gonna come out well!!!!!!
- now add the ginger garlic paste, jeera, corriander leaves and green chillis
- mix well
- now make balls out of the chappathi dough and roll it into a 2 - 3 inch chappathi
- stuff the gobi mixture and close the dough well and making sure that the dough seals the stuffing well.
- then roll it into thin parata's.
- by looking at the parata one can make out if the stuffing has spread evenly.
- heat a tava
- add the parata and drizzle some oil on the top
- when the colour changes flip the parata and drizzle some oil and cook till done.
- serve hot

- the best combination with parata's are curd or onion raita... O my fav. But my Hubby dear is a bit different.. So prepared chicken Vindaloo recipe for the same.


panchpakwan said...

Hi first time here..
Nice recipe collection here..

Gobi parata has comeout so well.

Glad to follow you.

Priti said...

Looks very gud....nice one dear