Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sago Kanji


HI all,

This is a porridge recipe which anyone can consume. This is mainly given for feeding mothers as Sagu improves and helps in lactating.

Now a days Iam been given real good soups and kanji as a evening snack. This was really refreshing to have with rusk. I didnt add pepper as with salt itself the recipe was too good.

I had diabetics during preganancy so I've been asked to control the intake of carbohydrates stuff... so didnt add sugar. If you have a sweet tooth you can substitute salt and pepper with sugar and again its gona taste heavenly.

sagu - 1/4 cup (washed and soaked for 2 - 3 hrs)
salt to taste
milk - 1/4 cup
water - 3 cups
pepper - to taste (optional)

- take 2 tsp of sago and leave it aside
- grind the remaing soaked sago into a fine paste and add water to grind if necessary
- in a pan add water and add the ground paste
- add the whole soaked sago and salt
- allow that to cook
- this would take atleast 3 - 4 mins
- now add milk when the mixture is cooked and when you are about to remove them from fire
- serve warm and add pepper if needed.

you can also grind the remaining whole sago also to a fine paste. But some how I liked the whole sago coming in between the smooth kanji in between. Its again optional.


PranisKitchen said...

i like sagoo..this kanji looks delicious..addition of milk sure will give nice taste.we can use the coconut milk also.

Anonymous said...

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