Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vegetable Steamer

HI all,

Just wanted to post this new kitchen item I purchased two weeks back. This is a vegetable steamer.

The first pic is how the steamer looks exactly.

The second pic is after opening the steamer. We can place this steamer on a pressure cooker or a vessel / a pan and pour some water and cook .
The same can be used to make dumplings ......

I saw this steamer first in Manjula's kitchen videos and was really eager to know if we get this in Bangalore. I didnt know how my hubby knew that I wanted this and got this as a gift. And he told that there was only two peices and he purchased both of them. I gave off the other one to his friend who has a 8 months old baby.

From now on will be posting a few more of my kitchen collections...

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viji said...

Hi, so from where you got this? i am also in bangalore and need one. pls tell