Thursday, August 22, 2013

Galouti Kabab


1 kg mutton kema
70 gm raw papaya paste
50 gm roasted onion paste
50 gm ginger garlic paste
5 gm elaichi powder
5 gm yellow chili powder
40 gm chana powder
5 gm garam masala
5 gm javitri powder
5 gm coriander powder
Salt to taste
50 ml desi ghee

- In bowl place the mutton kheema add ginger garlic paste, onion paste, raw papaya, all dry powder and spices and mix well.
- Freeze it for half an hour
-Set kheema make 32 pieces and make tikkis of them .
- In a thick pan , heat ghee and fry the tikki on slow heat
- Serve immediately and hot


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Razina Javed said...

mouthwatering kababs, glad to follow u...