Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beetroot - Cabbage Cutlet


Hi all,

I never had an idea of what to do with beetroot which was lying in my fridge for days. The last recipe was Beetroot Halwa. SO this time I wanted some thing new. I was sure my Hubby dear will not touch Beetroot and I need to think of something that he would eat atleast if he doenst Relish too...

Then came up with this recipe which was very simple to make apart from the shredding part. Was so simple, easy and was tasty too. The original version didnt have any pepper and I did add some as Iam not supposed to eat any green chillies. But still for the flavour I did add 2.

shredded cabagge - 2 cups
grated beetroot - 1 cup
salt to taste
pepper powder - 1 tsp
green chillies - 2 (finely chopped)
cornflour - 5 tbsp
corriander leaves - finely chopped - a handful
curry leaves - 15 - 20 (chopped)

Oil - to shallow fry

- mix cabbage, beetroot, green chillies, salt and pepper
- now mix well and remove the excess water
- now then mix the cornflour, corriander leaves and curry leaves and make a dough like mixture
- shape them into balls and flatten them
- add oil in a pan
- shallow fry them in slow fire
- when cooked serve hot


Priti said...

Looks yum...I feel like garbing and eating

PranisKitchen said...

i like the beetroot because of its color and sweetness .. really delicious combo BC and yummy cutlet

Shama Nagarajan said...

healthy cutlet..