Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paal Kolukattai (My Version)


rice flour - 1/2 cup
salt - 1 pinch
jaggery - 1/4 cup
coconut milk - 3 cups
cardamom powder - 2 - 3 pinches

- mix rice flour and salt together
- add some water and make a thick dough
- make small balls out of the dough and roll as cylinders
- keep it aside
- in a pan add jaggery and water and allow that to boil
- remove from heat when the jaggery is dissolved
- strain and now again bring the jaggery mixture to a boil
- add the rice cylinders one by one slowly and allow that to get cooked for 6 - 7 mins in low flame.
- now add the coconut milk and bring it a single boil
- add the cardamom powder
- serve warm

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Hari Chandana said...

Woww... mouth watering recipe.. looks sooo tempting dear. .:)