Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fruit Bowl


Hi all...

This is another way to make my Hubby Dear to eat fruits. This is the way the fruit bowls are served in office fruit shop. And he likes it this way. So make this fruit bowl today as a snack for him and packed for his office. Pretty easy one to make the kids eat too.

banana - 2
mango - 1 small
papaya - 1 cup (cubed)
honey - 2 tsp
lime juice - 1/4 tsp

- cut the banana into 1" rounds
- add lime juice to this and mix well
- this doesnt alow the banana to change the colour
- then peel the mango and cube them into 1" cubes
- add the papaya cubes, mango and papaya pieces and add honey to it
- mix well and serve chilled or just like that!!!!!!!!!

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