Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kesari (Microwave Version)


Hi Everyone..

I wanted to prepare something in the microwave today. I wanted to prepare a sweet very badly and couldnt stop thinking about rava kesari.

I have a microwave oven in which the highest is 800W. SO adjust the timings accordingly.

rava (roasted) - 1/4 cup
water - 1/2 cup + 4 tbsp
ghee - 2 tsp
cashews - 4 - 5
sugar - 1/8th cup
raisins - 2 - 3 tsp
orange colour - 1 pinch
cardamom - 2

- in a microwave safe bowl add 1 tsp of ghee and add raisins and cashews and microwave on high for 30 secs
- now add the rava, sugar and water
- add the colour and mix well
- now microwave on high for 4 mins
- keep stirring in between
- again microwave for another 2 mins after adding ghee and crushed cardamom.
- mix well
- serve warm


Priti said...

Looks yummy ....MW is very handy huh

Umm Mymoonah said...

Wow! That looks delicious and easy microwave version too.

Satya said...

kesari looks yummy ...that to in MV ..sounds gr8


Hari Chandana said...

Mmm.. mouth watering recipe.. looks awesome dear.. thanks for sharing !!

Nithya said...

Soooper.. I love kesari a lot and so will try this microwave version too :)

Suja Sugathan said...

Lovely..looks delicious,will try this microwave version next time.

Priya said...

Delicious kesari, looks beautiful..

G.Pavani said...

oh! looking yummy n delicious