Saturday, April 17, 2010

Black Forest Cake - Icecream


Hi ppl,
This recipe is my Hubby's all time favourite. This is prepared with dark chocolate cake.. I didnt have patience to bake a cake.. so I used the plain cake instead ....

I gave this icecream cake to my hubby which he relised and had.. I didnt even have the wash the plate at all... He loved it too the core. But the comment was that though it was tasty .. It didnt have the same taste of how its served in icecream shops.. Hmm.. another trial is necessary soon so I can master this recipe.. But so far the recipe got me a good name .. A REAL GOOD TRIAL!!!!!!!!!

plain sponge cake - 2 slices
cocoa powder - 2 tsp
milk - 1/2 cup
sugar - 2 tsp
vanilla icecream - 2 tbsp
canned cherries - 2 tbsp (deseeded)
nuts - 2 tbsp
chocolate ice cream - 1 scoop
grated chocolate - 1 tsp

- mix cocoa powder, sugar and milk
- dip the sponge cake slices in the cocoa mixture
- place that in a plate
- now arrange the cherries on the cake
- now spread the vanilla icecream on top of the cherries
- now spread the chopped nuts on top of the icecream
- place another slice of the cocoa dipped cake on top
- place a scoop of chocolate icecream on top
- decorate with nuts, cherry and grated chocolate
- place this in the freezer for 2 hrs
- serve cold

This is for the event Thanda Mela by COOKING4ALLSEASONS.COM

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