Sunday, April 18, 2010

Neer Dosa


HI all,

This recipe is a Mangalorian Delicasy.. Called Neer dosa. Its usually served with sweet coconut chutney / hot coconut chutney. I invented anothe combi to go with this dosa.. Fish/chicken/mutton curry too!!!

This is the first time Iam preparing this recipe.. Though tasty.. Its also easy to make .. !! Takes very less time..
Try out!!!!!!

rice - 1 cup
urad dal - 1 handful
coconut - grated - 1 cup
oil - to drizzle
salt to taste
water to grind to a fine paste
soda - 1 pinch

- soak rice and dal together for 2 hrs
- grind the soaked rice and dal along with coconut to a fine paste
- add water and grind the batter to a loose consistancy
- it should be thin than a dosa batter
- this batter need not ferment
- mix salt and soda
- and leave it aside for 20 mins
- now grease the dosa tava and pour the batter to make a thin dosa.. follow the rava dosa techique!!- drizzle some oil on top
- when crisp remove and serve.
- I served this with Mughalai Chicken curry...

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