Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chilli Chicken Manchurian

For Chicken:
chicken - 1/2 kg (tender)
white pepper - 1 tsp
ajinomotto - 1 pinch
salt to taste
egg - 1
corn flour - 1 tsp
For Sauce:
Onion - 1
capsicum - 1
white pepper - 1 tsp
red chillies - 10 - 12
ginger - 1"
garlic - 10 - 12oil to frysoya sauce - 1 tsp
green chilli sauce - 1 tsp
vinegar - 2 - 3 tsp
salt to taste
corn Flour - 2 tsp
water - 1.5 cup
ajinomotto - 2 pinches
Oil for deep fry

For chicken :
- mix all the ingredients for chicken and leave it to marinate for 1 hour
- deep fry in oil for 4 - 5 mins taking care that the chicken doesnt change the colour.

For Sauce:
- cut the capsicum into cubes by deseeding them
- cut the onions as squares
- finely chop ginger and garlic seperately
- in a pan add the oil
- add the red chillies and fry
- add the ginger and garlic and fry
- add the onions and capsicum and fry
- add salt to taste and remember that there is a little salt in chicken as well
- add the soya sauce, green chilli sauce and the vinegar
- mix well
- add water to this keeping half a cup of water aside
- add corn flour to the 1/2 cup of water and make a paste
- let the pan mixture come to boil and reduce to 3/ 4th.
- to this add the fried chicken and the corn flour water
- give it two minutes for it to thicken and then remove from fire at your required consistency.

Thanks to Vah Chef:
He is an awesome cook and this is the third recipe iam trying out in last 3 months. This recipe was told by him and I have tried out and was a great success. It gave a good combination with peas pulao which was mild and tasting fantastic.

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