Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Milk Toffee


This is a Sri lankdan dish made with condensed milk. Very easy to make but the tough part is that this mixture has to be removed from fire in the correct consistancy and correct time so that it comes out too well. If not as well.. the taste is going to be good .. cannot assure you that you can cut them into cubes.
Condensed milk - 1 tin
sugar - 1/2 a tin
butter -4 tsp
vanilla essence - 4 tsp
chopped cashews - 3 -4 tsp (optional)
milk- 1/4 cup

- take a plate and grease that with butter. Keep it aside.
- in a kadai mix sugar, condensed milk, butter.
- wash the condensed milk tin with milk and pour that into the kadai and mix well until the sugar gets dissolved.
- now place the kadai on the fire and start stirring.
- the entire process of this sweet is to keep stirring until the end.
- when the mixture thickens a bit then reduce the flame.
- now add the cashews and essence and mix well.
- when the mixture forms a ball kind of texture remove from fire and pour into the greased plate.
- pat it flat on the plate and leave it to cool for 5 mins
- Now cut them into cubes.

- you can mix two tsp of cocoa powder to this and do not add the vanilla essence in case if you want to do a chocolate milk toffee..

Thanks to:

Granny... she has taught me this recipe. This has been my all time favourite too.

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