Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ragi Balls


ragi powder - 1 cup
water 1.5 cups
salt to taste

- in a pan add water and salt and leave it to boil- the water has to boil until it starts to bubble- then add the ragi powder to it
- do not start mixing it

- watch the water flows on top of the ragi powder and it will be boiling.
- leave it for 3 - 4 minutes
- now slow the fire and then start mixing.
- mix welll
How to check whether the ragi is cooked?
When you touch water and touch the cooked ragi, that should not stick on to the hand.
- now wait until its 3/4th cold
- now touch water and make it into balls
- serve with some curry.

Thanks to :
My servant. She taught me this recipe with a live demonstration. Iam diagonised with Diabetics and asked to eat ragi as much as possible. So this was taught by her on my husbands request.

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